Benghazi ad Nauseam .

As an American citizen, I feel lucky to be able to voice my concern and write about the issues haunting me as a human being. One thing in the news of late is the continuing debate over the events that took place in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, in Libya.

I feel the pissing contest between Democrats and GOP members is just that: a pissing contest, a he said-she said-they said miserable and unfruitful show of lack of strategy.

What are they trying to prove? That the two parties can't get along? Check, we knew that. That the truth will never be known, or if known, never revealed? Check, we knew that too. That some enemies want us all dead? Check.

Was the attack over a simple film shown on you tube and its effect on certain people of the World? (Have you seen it?) Or was it a massive Al Qaeda operation, showing that the terror faction is still very much a threat to American assets? Check, we knew that as well.

The dramatic unfolding at the American outpost that night was a terrible lack of intelligence, coupled with a serious gap in security, an inconceivable breach of support, and a miserable scramble to try to help, to no avail.

Why did four Americans have to die that night? Is it that our current intelligence system is so ineffective? Frankly this is disturbing. It is clear to me that American diplomats and their personnel over the world are not safe in many more regions that thought. I think each and every member serving in the capacity of representation of the USA should be trained in martial arts, and should be armed at all times. Yes, even secretaries and cooks. That may not always save their lives, but could give time to a more substantial help mission to arrive on site.

Buildings should be built as fortresses, with several layers of safe havens and chambers. Trained dogs should patrol the perimeters at all times, nothing better than a barking dog will let you know if anything or anyone foreign is approaching or around. Moats and bridges could also be deterrent; heck a clear reinforced dome could be invented to cover the entire campus.

The intelligence surveillance of all diplomatic posts should be extremely alert and ready to intervene, evacuate, protect, defend, clearly none of that happened in Benghazi. With the technology we have now at our disposal, there are less and less excuses for our spies to not be ready for the worst, and inform the targets in time.

Nowadays in the news, the ongoing confrontation between GOP members and Democrats is just a sick mental and political investigation over who is right and who was wrong that day. It's a pitiful show of malignant undermining use of power that our representatives abuse on one subject, among many others. Politics should not be use in that way, it should be at least peaceful happenings within our walls.

The dialogue between civilians and military people is hard enough in time of peace, imagining what can happen in the case of war against religious fanatics out to kill every American is quite daunting, when our own people cannot agree and keep debating and fussing over their own failure.

The attack on the American mission outpost in Benghazi was a disaster because of the lack of attention to many details that should have been warning signs, but no one saw them, nobody was ready. Nobody was aware. The pissing contest can continue without solving anything at all, just like the Monica scandal will never solve anything either, but our political set up is a real bizarre one, milking and abusing events and stories for it's own shameful and fruitful advancement. But maybe that is what politics are.

As of today May 9, House Democrats remained undecided on whether to join a select committee created by Republicans to investigate the Benghazi terror attack. I say end the pissing contest. There are a lot of things that you and I will never know, but one thing is sure, the terrorists of Benghazi not only killed four men, they also succeeded in dividing our country.

That day, many did something wrong, many did not do their job, many were hiding something, and four victims lost their fives. Somebody needs to hide under a stone and try to atone for their mistakes.

The only thing slightly lifting my spirit about the event was the fact that US Ambassador Stevens was not captured, tortured, and shot. He died of smoke inhalation. RIP.