05/21/2014 11:57 am ET Updated Jul 21, 2014

You May Soon Disappear, Thanks to Your Beauty Cream

The new hit magic potion is a face cream with the intended blurry name that is sure to make you look. It claims to give your face an out-of-focus glow, which in turns all but eliminate the oh-so-dreaded facial wrinkles. Now, the marketing stops short of affirming that your face will vanish, but assures you that the smooth effect of the cream will make you look like you have been photoshopped!

Wait! Do I really crave that? Do I want to walk through my neighborhood with a fuzzy aspect, one that will make my friends and neighbors wonder if they have had one too many drinks? Will I look like a Zombie fresh out of the night? I certainly don't want to have a frozen face like some remaining-unnamed Hollywood actresses who cannot smile and cannot frown, can barely talk and certainly not act. Targeting women between the ages of 30 to 50, the (secret) formula seems to contain silicone, mattifying powders, and anti-aging (secret) agents.

So I set out to try the damned cream. Without naming any names, I can reveal nonetheless that the word BLUR is in the title. Now, I don't have that many wrinkles to start with, coming from a wild land where non-stop wind and cool mist weather trained for generations the skin to be resistant, so I did not expect any out-of-this-world results. The cost was about $20, so what the heck! I can always use a daily cream, even if the wonders promised do not meet my expectations.

So one night, as a daily regimen, I washed my face and splashed on the cream. At first impression, the sort of oily-silky texture was surprising on my skin. Felt like a thin layer of unknown substance. I deemed my $20 well spend. The next morning, I had forgotten and looked in the mirror to see the usual princess I wink at everyday. Then I put on the cream again, and suddenly realized my different look. Not that I suddenly became out-of-focus, mind you, but I did appear to have a softer look, a more sublimated look, a blurry look. Dare I say a younger look? Er...nope.

It's just like when you put foundation on, the lines become smoother, and the light seems to shine through your epidermis, that is, if your foundation is a good one. So this miracle cream did have a side effect, it did make my skin a little brighter, even though it has no color in it. The sensation under my fingertips was still a silky one, and just for that, I liked it. Now, since I rarely wear foundation or powder (I live in Florida), the cream for me is a good choice, not a wonder formula or a magic trick, but it's a definite help in my daily routine.

My BB cream has found its match. Now, if only it claimed to prevent wrinkles, that marketing ploy might work even better than the one claiming to erase wrinkles already in place, but they don't say that. Perhaps because they is NO erasing wrinkles after all, oh well, we already knew that. So the next generation of beauty products can only try to help weather (pun intended) the creases in our skin, until they come up with something better for our soul. Maybe if I put on enough of the stuff, my skin will vanish, no? You don't think so?