08/25/2014 06:01 pm ET Updated Oct 25, 2014

25 Things You Think Everyday as a Fashion Intern

It's no news the fashion industry is a dog-eat-dog world, and interns are at the bottom of the couture food chain. We run errands; we pick up coffee and we make copies. We do it all in hopes of getting one step closer to that luxury-lined dream -- the dream of being the next Anna Wintour, Tory Burch or Patrick Demarchelier.

But it's a long road down the intern catwalk before we reach retail recognition.

At times we feel like a real-life Andrea Sachs darting through crosswalks and hitting pedestrians with our over-sized garment bags. If The Devil Wears Prada, then we wear sweat & anxiety like they're next year's Chanel ballet flats.

If you are, or ever have been, a fashion intern in New York City, these are the things running through your mind on a daily basis.*

*With variation, of course.

1. Do I have time to take a shower this morning? Grungy hair is kind of chic now, right?
2. I have absolutely nothing to wear.
3. Seriously, nothing.
4. God, why did I pick these shoes? They're killing me. Good thing I have flats in my bag.
5. This view really is gorgeous; this city is fantastic.
6. Ugh, this subway is disgusting; this city is so dirty.
7. How the hell is it 163° down here? Isn't heat supposed to rise, or something?
8. Why on earth am I buying doggy poop bags for my boss? Seriously???
9. I hate this job.
10. OMG was that Michael Kors? Do I say hi? Do I hide in the closet? What do I do?
11. I love this job.
12. Should I get a salad for lunch? Everyone else has a salad.
13. But I really want Chipotle. Oh god, do I want Chipotle.
14. Fine, I'll get a f#%@ing salad.
15. What the hell is quinoa, anyway?
16. I don't remember what it's like to eat sitting down anymore.
17. Is it possible to sleep with your eyes open?
18. So, exactly how much caffeine can I drink until it kills me?
19. I wish I had an Italian accent.
20. Do you think I could pull off the whole Ciao / kiss each other goodbye thing without looking like an idiot?
21. Look at these clothes! They're so beautiful. I want them all.
22. HAHAHA just kidding, I just saw the price tag.
23. 13-hour workday -- that's totally acceptable.
24. I love fashion; I love fashion; I love fashion.
25. Am I Carrie Bradshaw yet?

The long hours can be hard on our spirits and our heels, but we do it all for the love of fashion. We do it for the glamour and the excitement. We do it so one day we can tell people that, without a doubt, we are in love with our job. We do it because fashion is more than superficiality. It's art, and it's art you live your life in. Thank you, Stanley Tucci.

Of course the free clothes don't hurt either.



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