12/14/2015 04:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Climate Change or Consciousness?

At the base of any positive transformational work has to be an understanding of the relationship between one's awareness and actions; through that becomes an impact on our world. When we speak of change in our environment, systems, cultures, and more, we look towards long lasting change. Therefore, the many deals among nations at conferences and summits are not truly effective until we implement methods to shift our awareness and feelings at a deeper level. This is the element of newness we need.

For the first time, rich and poor countries across the world have agreed to take steps to limit and adapt to climate change -- from reducing their emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to helping one another adapt to rising seas, devastating droughts, food shortages and other impacts of global warming.

We have all inherited the current conditions of our world as well as contributed to its decline of resources needed to sustain generations to come. The state of our climate condition has become so complex. We are essentially at an intersection of very human values verses spiritual values. Our attitudes alone have been a huge precursor to the decline of the world's treasures. We have traded a healthy, breathing earth for bigger cars, faster planes, fancier clothes; even fruit from the earth is bigger and greater in multitude, with chemicals instead of flavor. It is all about the choices we make, which are rooted in our attitude and attachments to unfulfilled desires.

The issue of climate change is both one of individual and collective karma. Our individual choices have led us here, and our collective decisions are creating the future. Climate change is now every person's responsibility. The elements that make up everything we see smell and touch are in need of pure vibrations and a peaceful energy that can restore rather than consume and destroy.

I share congratulations to meeting a historic consensus on climate change and I invite us to integrate a spiritual dimension to climate change. We must include the voices of spiritual leadership that have proven their commitment, through work from the inside out. The Brahma Kumaris, with the largest solar cooking system, is now focused on the first of its kind in the world, thermal solar power plant (solar only), using dish technology with direct steam generation mode, with full thermal storage for 16 hours of continuous operations. Imagine that... A spiritual group whose meditation practice and integrating spiritual wisdom into their daily life is at its core, leading a progressive shift in environmental resources.

I deeply believe that the success of climate change will be in amplifying an awareness on consciousness and lifestyle choices that conveys the behavior of citizens who are driven to give more than they take from relationships and their earth. Observing the movement of the Brahma Kumaris, and witnessing a culture of creating a system of trust and service within their own body of thought, I have seen the sustainability of its fortress, and their traditional pillars consistently holding authenticity and purity. When we hold a similar purpose and are very invested in making our lives and world a better place, I feel quite confident that a new era is approaching.

COP21 might have initiated a bold and realistic deal, and we know every citizen will have to show up from inside out to match and surpass it with his or her own deal of inner responsibility. We need to begin by holding a positive attitude and consider our own soul to be the earths' natural resource that fuels the body and environment. Can we raise our awareness to a level of "us" rather than I, me, and mine, so we can shift the downward trajectory of our planets' condition and turn it around towards an uprising giving us glimpses and best practices of a new era for many generations to come? This is one challenge we must take.