02/27/2014 10:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Can Creativity Cure Us?


Typically, I don't believe in astrological readings. Though many years ago, while on the mountaintop with my community in Mount Abu, India, someone offered to do a reading. I hesitantly gave him my birth date and time and he pulled up my chart. "Wow!" he said, "Your creativity is off the charts! Do you actually have yoga with God? You're so busy always creating!"

Well, that was the last time I ever had a reading. Since a number of transformative moments in my early adult life, my most focused purpose has been having yoga with God, so when an astrologer suggested that was taking the back seat to my creativity, I had an issue with that. Of course, as the years have passed by I have to admit that yes, it seems I'm served at a deep level by having creative energies flourish inside. Perhaps, what defines us the most from the animal kingdom and even if there are other planets of life force, is this basic gift called creativity. Creativity has the ability to liberate souls and move consciousness towards a more free flowing and unfolding rhythm. Imagine if everyone used their creative potential to unleash a world where no one offers sorrow to anyone. What would folks do with such a project?

As much as my naive and Piscean side would love to witness all people of the world uniting and dancing in sheer joy of their awakening of how beautiful they are at the core, I'm also quite realistic to accept that all will not. The one thing I'm sure of is that change is inevitable -- so what's the use of attaching myself to anyone or anything. Perhaps, the real lesson is more about loving everyone and everything. Due to the constant energy of change, creativity becomes a life giving herb to move with the rhythm of time, allowing one to be open to newness, as it optimizes a far reaching vision that can connect the dots towards a humanity that cares more for each other.

After observing myself over the years, I find my creative energy extremely amplified between 2 a.m. -- 5 a.m. It is during this early morning time that I very much look forward to what's in store for the day. It's when a moment of silence meets a moment of wisdom do those creative juices flow. It feels like a signal coming from God within less than a second, and when it's done, it's left up to me and those around me to connect the dots for its fruition. How do I know when it comes from God? It's effortless. Everyone cooperates. There is joy and ease and success has already happened.

When it's not from God and from my desires, there are constant road blocks and obstacles and our inner workings of thoughts have to move into overtime. There is exhaustion, frustration, anger, and sometimes a lack of focus. For certain, there is self-doubt. These types of creative juices would be coined as selfish desires. Knowing how to trigger your pure creative flow has to do with having a deep silent loving relationship with the Divine.

Since the energy of the Divine is so clean and clear, when our internal world connects to that without having any expectations, something beautiful can emerge from that space of inner silence and connection to God. Maybe many of you find it difficult to awaken between 2 a.m. -- 5 a.m. but I highly recommend it as a daily practice. Just go to bed earlier and in a state of peace and love. The workings of consciousness between the time our head hits the pillow to the moment we arise, shifts thoughts and feelings tremendously. So being awake with a sense of sincere connection to the One, could offer insights beyond our limited intellectual capacity.

Creativity is beyond mental control. It has a deep relationship to God and it serves humanity in a way that it unleashes their limitations. Creativity is connected to humility and it moves quietly in the sacred resources of the soul. I've often believed it to be rooted in the energy of purity which is the bedrock of creation.

A life without creativity can be dull and at a standstill. Keep allowing inner space to welcome new thinking and new ways of doing and being. Here are some thoughts I believe can help in increasing creativity:

1. Cultivate an attitude of creating a safe space for folks to share with you their stories. Believe it or not, it helps us so much to create.

2. Do your very best in being present.

3. Be compassionate when listening.

4. Keep your smartphone or notebook close so you can jot down your flow of creativity when it comes. It will not make an appointment.

5. Be internalized when you can and observe where your thoughts are going. If it's towards waste, creativity can't thrive. Rather, gently seek to find something of pure beauty to trigger consciousness back to openness.

6. Lastly, ask God, "What next?" And, listen as openly as possible.

By making this a regular practice and just being an opened and caring human being, you can trigger much creativity in simple things like, preparing a meal, writing a story, sweeping the floor, cleaning the stove or in countless humble efforts to save world. All have opportunities for your creative juices to flourish!