06/22/2012 07:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Meditation Tips: Soul Consciousness and Awakening Innocence

In our younger years, during exposure to a particular religious practice or later during our search for truth, we often got fixated on the person rather than the source of the message. We listened, but were we absorbing the wisdom with the intention of letting go of all attachments and replacing attachments with love? Have you ever asked the self: "Am I just enamored with the person delivering the message, and as a result I really am not able to imbibe the power of the message in myself?"

How do we use knowledge or a good message to enhance a forgotten feeling of purity and peace? Am I better than I was yesterday? There is a very simple thought that we can practice that will begin to trigger an innate "feeling" and "knowing" that many of us have simply forgotten. This innate feeling and knowing is our purity. I am originally pure. The soul is pure when it expresses innate truths. For instance, imagine the feeling you get when you look at a newborn baby or a 1-year-old. There is the "feeling" we get that's associated with the newness of this person on earth and the feeling of life in his or her body that is so pure and lovely. It often makes us think about how perfect and pure we were, until too many life experiences of sorrow piled up inside of the soul! But remember, our baggage and experiences were fixed to happen and there is no one to blame. It's a drama!

When we come into the remembrance of our original purity it's like learning to walk all over again. There is excitement as well as caution and a need for direction and support too. Babies fall down, they get food all over their face, and they speak gibberish, but they keep growing and learning. We, too, always possess this innocence, no matter what, if we remain open, we will always keep growing. Meditation awakens the innocence. A simple practice I use to feel soul conscious and pure is to practice seeing the self and another as a 1-year-old.

When you try this, check the feeling that you experience. Remember this is the original power of our existence. Remembering this purity creates a natural state of love, acceptance, and peace. Our vision of a person is not that of seeing their faults; rather, we can have a realization that this person is beautiful and doing their best. Viewing it this way triggers something inside of you that you have already known all along... I am good, I am perfect, and so are they! We just have to keep remembering!

So practice seeing everyone as a 1-year-old. The innocence and purity that will emerge in you will brighten your day and give you a new perspective on how you view even those who do you wrong.

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