06/06/2012 07:57 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Meditation Tips for the Day: Day 2

Many of us believe that meditation is difficult to do. It's not! I wish to continue to reiterate that meditation is about an "awareness." In practices like Raja Yoga Meditation, there is a focus on reminding the self that I am a peaceful soul. Allow yourself some time to feel it... In feeling it, it becomes real. By accumulating the experience of this awareness challenging situations no longer make me believe it's someone else's fault for making me feel peace-less. No one can take away my peace unless you have give them permission to do so!

We always think that our anger and reaction is reasonable; who wouldn't get mad over something obviously rude or unjust? You see, it is all about perception. You always have a choice in how you will react. A very important action that we must take in order to grow is to check ourselves. Ask yourself, am I coming from a virtue?

The real test is in the challenges. Anyone can stay peaceful in a quiet and isolated space. But can you stay peaceful when the worst situation is right up in your face? Practice your self-realization and utilize your mantra: I am a peaceful soul. In this simple meditation practice, you will change waste to power.

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