06/17/2012 09:29 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Meditation Tips: Self Awareness

In certain meditation practices, raising our consciousness beyond our current state reduces thoughts, especially those that are wasteful. There are different kinds of thoughts. They can be identified as: positive, necessary, waste and negative thoughts. When we meditate we aim to reduce the impact of "waste thoughts," allowing real genuine thinking to take over our mind. Negative and waste thoughts weaken our inner state of being, and positive and necessary enhance the soul's original inner power.

When we are living and operating in a particular consciousness, this can determine the value of our day. There are two degrees of consciousness: one is soul consciousness and the other is body consciousness (limited sense of self). If we are living in a body conscious awareness we become very sensitive to external stimuli-meaning. If I am always acting and reacting according to the stimuli, then I am simply allowing body consciousness to increase, which will attack my natural state of peace.

We all wish to be happy, plain and simple. So we must choose to be more self aware, but sometimes our thoughts take us away from ourselves. Here's how to make it easier. When you are in your meditation it is a good time for you to connect with your higher power. A supreme source of energy, most often referred to as God. When we connect to this Source, we are reminded of how beautiful, peaceful, and powerful we really are!

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