06/26/2012 07:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Meditation Tips: Playing Your Part in the Drama of Life

Have you ever wondered what this life is all about? What are we really doing with our lives? What are we supposed to be doing? What is our role?

Lets imagine that we are here, in life, or in the "drama." Since life appears so "dramatic" these days, this seems appropriate to look at life like a movie, and I am an actor in the movie playing my role. If I wanted to play my role accurately, I would find it beneficial to be close to the director wouldn't I? Who is the director? Well I suppose it is safe to say that God, the creator, is the director. Sometimes we listen to scriptures, we read about other philosophies, we practice random rituals, but who knows which script is the real one? If we want to play our parts right, then instead of guessing, we should go straight to the director.

When we are in an "awareness" that we are souls (a driver), in a body (the car) then we understand the first and most important aspect of our role: "I am a soul." An awareness of this starts to trigger the memories stored in the soul or subconscious of when this soul was closest to the director, God. Everyone has their part to play, but can we all get better at playing our parts? When we are in a movie that requires love and cooperation to keep the movie going, can't we find ways to better facilitate this through our roles so that our movie can continue with no frustrating intermissions? Ever felt stuck?

Look toward the director; you will know your lines and where to go.

Meditation helps build an awareness of what I am here to do. Life is not about "whoever has the most stuff wins!" Life is about how many I share love with and how many share love with me. It's about being kind and thoughtful. It's about remembering our happiness, meeting our life's calling and playing our part accurately. When we play our part accurately we will be happy and so will others. Awareness through meditation will help you win that Grammy. What you will come to know through experience is that you are a soul and that God and drama are on your side. Just listen and pay attention.

You were born to play your part, not someone else's. Living a life of virtues makes you a star player in the movie, so play on dear ones. Play on.

Meditate on the drector while remaining on the stage of the world.

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