09/10/2012 06:06 pm ET Updated Nov 10, 2012

It Is Definitely Floral for Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

It is definitely getting Floral for Spring of 2013, or as some may call it: Flower Power.

Don't get rid of your floral-prints clothes you have -- not yet, as the upcoming trend for Spring 2013 is going to blossom-you-away.

Whether it is a jacket, a chiffon dress, maxi skirt, tight high rise pants and even a pair of jeans, they are all going to be floral and colorful.

Here are some florals as seen in day one and two during Fashion Week in New York at Lincoln Center.

To brighten up my shots and add colors to my images, images were taken with the new yellow Pentax K-01 (The Marc Newson Design).

Floral Trends in New York Fashion Show