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10 Multiuse Travel Products You Need to Pack

Save space in your suitcase with these travel products that serve two or more purposes at once. Think a flashlight that doubles as a battery pack, a suitcase that serves as a chair, and a travel pillow that supports more than your neck. Here are 10 of the best multiuse travel products that will earn their spots on your packing list.

SeatKase Luggage

You carry your luggage around, so why not make it work for you? SeatKase Luggage is a carry-on-sized bag (22" x 14" x 9") that is much more than a rolling suitcase. It can be used as a portable seat (the wheels automatically lock to keep you from tipping over, and there is a built-in padded seat on top) or as a computer station (flip back the seat and rest your laptop on top). Be advised, though, that the SeatKase weighs 9 pounds when empty.

AR For Her ZipStick

The ZipStick gives you light and power at your fingertips. This portable battery pack also has a built-in LED flashlight and panic alarm. The ZipStick's lithium-ion battery can quickly charge Apple and Android phones as well as any device that uses a USB charging port. The built-in LED flashlight makes the ZipStick perfect for camping trips, and the panic alarm is always a good thing to have in unfamiliar areas.

ShareBrands The Wallet Case

Keep all your essentials in one place with The Wallet Case by ShareBrands. This phone case/wallet can hold your iPhone 4 or 5, plus cash, credit cards, and IDs. The snap closure keeps everything securely inside but still easily accessible.

Pouchee Plus Deluxe

Can't decide whether to bring a small purse or a big handbag on your trip? Bring both with the Pouchee Plus Deluxe, which can serve as either an organizer that fits inside a larger bag or as a purse itself. Attach the strap and use the Pouchee Plus Deluxe as a cross-body bag (perfect for deterring pickpockets) or remove the strap and use it to keep your carry-on bag organized. It can also be worn as a small clutch.

BlenderBottle ProStak

Make shakes on the go, store and organize your medications, and transport protein powders without mess -- the BlenderBottle ProStak helps you stay healthy while traveling. The BlenderBottle can be used on its own as a regular water bottle, or you can use the included wire whisk to mix up a protein shake. Screw in one or both of the two included storage jars that can hold protein powder (or keys, if you're using it while on a run). Plus, the pill organizer locks into the jar's lid, so you'll never forget to take your medications.

SummerSkin Endless Summer Scarf

The Endless Sumer Scarf pulls quintuple duty: It can be worn as a scarf, shoulder wrap, hood, or skirt, plus it's made from a sun-protective fabric with a UPF 50-plus rating. The bamboo/spandex fabric is light enough that the scarf is easy to bring anywhere and lightweight enough to wear on sunny days.

Mountainsmith Crosstown Tote

It's a tote, or, with the pull of a strap, it's a backpack. The Crosstown Tote is 13.75" x 11.75" x 5.5" and holds almost 4 gallons, but it weighs only 1.3 pounds when empty. The zippered main compartment keeps your stuff out of sight, and the many side pockets keep everything organized.

Travelon Convertible Travel Pillow

Do you sometimes want lumbar support but other times want a neck pillow? Then you need the Travelon Convertible Travel Pillow. This microbead-filled pillow easily transforms from a U-shaped neck pillow to a cylindrical one that can be used as lumbar support.

Timbuk2 Aviator Wheeled Backpack

Some trips require a backpack, and some trips require wheeled luggage. Get both in one bag with the Aviator Wheeled Backpack from Timbuk2. Wheel it around like a normal suitcase, and then convert it into a backpack once you need to climb stairs or cross cobblestone streets—the padded backpack straps clip into place in a flash. There's also a removable hip belt for longer treks with the backpack.

Woody's Quality Grooming Hair and Body Shampoo Bar

Circumvent the 3-1-1 liquid rule and save space in your toiletries bag with this solid bar that can be used to wash your hair and body. Plus, with the Hair and Body Shampoo Bar, you won't have to worry about spills like you do with regular shampoo and body wash!

—By Caroline Morse

Read the original story: 10 Multiuse Travel Products You Need to Pack by Caroline Morse, who is a regular contributor to SmarterTravel.

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