05/12/2014 11:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Most Popular Items on McDonald's Secret Menu

Bloomberg via Getty Images

McDonald's, since its founding in 1940, has exploded into a brand that is recognizable across the world, and an establishment with heavy influence on the American fast food industry. It has revolutionized the way that burger restaurants deliver food to the customer, implementing principles of the industrial production line into the process of creating a meal. Since, the burger business has evolved to match their efficient assembly tactics, but McDonald's remains the highest grossing restaurant in fast food. Many of its millions of customers do not even know about the delicious possibilities on the McDonald's Secret Menu, however, so look into how you can spice up your order.

McDonald's continues to reign supreme as the superpower in fast food today and shows no signs of stopping. Their unbelievably fast production of mouthwatering burgers, crispy fries, delicious frozen treats, and more keep customers coming back, hooked on the convenient deliciousness. The incessant presence of the Golden Arches, though -- it's impossible to go more than a few miles in a major city without seeing them -- is what makes McDonald's the most widely used restaurant in fast food.

Despite the company's massive following and resources, however, many are still clueless about the McDonald's Secret Menu. When knowledge of its existence goes public, however, it's only bound to make the giant more well known. Take a look at McDonald's Secret Menu popular items and gape in awe at the monstrous meat creations that are available with a little knowledge of the possibilities.

1. The McLeprechaun Shake -- $4.29 USD

This mouthwatering delicacy is only available for certain periods of the year, but it's well worth the wait. The drink combines the Shamrock Shake -- a seasonal treat to celebrate St. Patrick's Day -- and the rich chocolate milkshake. Minty, chocolate deliciousness is sure to ensue for anyone who picks one up.

These two flavors are blended together into a smooth, perfect creation that makes mint lovers salivate at the mere thought of it. Get in line on March 1st and try out what everyone's raving about.

2. The McKinley Mac -- $4.49 USD

The Big Mac is an American classic. If someone in the U.S. hasn't heard of a Big Mac, they're probably either a foreigner or crazy. Even then, though, the Big Mac is an international phenomenon, just like McDonald's. Some, however, are not satisfied with the 1.6 oz. patties packed in the giant burger. So, the McDonald's Secret Menu presents the McKinley Mac: a burger packed with all the goodness of a Big Mac, but with thick, juicy quarter-pound patties.

It's no burger to trifle with; the Big Mac defeats many, and this creation dwarfs its smaller predecessor. But for those with a ravenous appetite, just ask for the McKinley Mac and enjoy.

3. The McGangBang -- $2.00 USD

Don't let the vulgar name fool you -- this giant meat mashup is perhaps the most sought-after of the McDonald's Secret Menu items. Some speculate that the name may derive from the amount of "bang for your buck" that you get when ordering it. For only $2, you get a heaping portion that combines the McDouble and the McChicken. The innovative secret menu item is a cheap way to get more meat than even a Big Mac provides.

Ask for some Mac Sauce (yes, you can do that) and spread it on your McGangBang to make an even better burger than the most popular one in the U.S.. Whether you modify it or not, though, the McGangBang is certainly a must try for any reputable McDonald's fan.

4. The McCrepe -- $3.49 USD

This one is certainly the most well-known of the McDonald's Secret Menu items available for breakfast. Like many other options, it's simply a creative combination of two already-established entrees.

It's pretty easy to make a McCrepe: just purchase a hotcake and a yogurt parfait, smother the hotcake in the fruity yogurt, and fold it like a crepe. Make one yourself next time you're at McDonald's for breakfast.

5. Big Mac Sauce -- Free

The Big Mac is an international commodity for a reason. While the burger patties are juicy, and the third bun concept is appealing, what makes the burger stand out is the delicious sauce it is coated with. Most people, however, don't realize that more of this sweet, tangy Big Mac sauce is available upon request. Many enjoy Big Mac French Fries, dipping their golden, crispy potato strips in the tantalizing dip. Others pick up some extra sauce to douse their burger of choice in it.

In most cases, just ask, and McDonald's will hook up the sauce for free. The fact that this sauce isn't on the menu baffles me, but luckily, I know that it's available if you just ask. Try it on your favorite entree whenever you're in McDonald's next.