06/20/2012 03:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Seattle's Best: "It's Like Drinking Suntan Lotion, But Better Tasting"

In advertising, a great catch phrase can make or break a product.

Everyone knows Lay's "Betcha can't eat just one," "Got Milk?", and the pervasive "It's Miller Time!" - because they touch on some nerve that resonates with people in a positive way.

Enter Seattle's Best Coffee. In an apparent attempt to emulate big brother Starbuck's by producing some ridiculous milkshakes in the guise of a coffee-related beverage, the chain is now offering "summer beverages" Mud Pie Javakula, Mint Chocolate Javakula and a Coconut Cream Pie Cremekula. It is the last of these three atrocities that interests us because of the tagline/description that appeared on the brand's Facebook page the morning of June 14th:


Now if that doesn't get your mouth watering, I don't know what will.

"Excuse me... Ms. Barista - could I have my usual 48 ounces of Coppertone? You know how I love that creamy, delicious taste of summer!"

Shockingly, fans of the brand did not respond as favorably as predicted. Here's a selection of comments in response:

"really nasty way to describe a drink"

"That does not make me want to try this."

"Coffee that tastes/smells like suntan lotion?! GROSS."

We'd link to the Facebook post, but Seattle's Best, facing ridicule from its fans, didn't stand by the description, instead choosing to simply delete it from the page.

But the Coconut Cream Pie Cremekula must be promoted on social media! So on Monday, June 18th, the sloganeering wizards at Seattle's Best were back on the Facebook page with a new description, and perhaps a tongue-in-cheek nod to their previous gaffe.


Wonder how many of their fans remembered them describing it just a few days ago as "like drinking suntan lotion"?

Original post by JT.