09/13/2012 11:36 am ET Updated Nov 13, 2012

Pushing for self-Deportation, an Act of Love

A friend of mine whom has been a bachelor for a long time decided it was time to get married and finally settle down.

This happened in January. Two months later he got pretty sick and decided that if cold-feet-symptoms were taking a toll in his health then it was time to call the whole thing off.

And he tried to, but the bride-to-be guilt tripped him like a pro (some women can do that) and he had to give in. The wedding plans began again.

And then he got sick again.

So he cancelled the wedding and this time she said she was going to give him a couple of months to relax but on the condition that they moved in together.

And yes, he got sick again. That's when we met.

He said to me "I keep getting sick and I don't know what to do anymore, I don't want to hurt her feelings by calling it off again, because I care for her, so I'm just being a terrible person so that she decides to leave the relationship (thus my home) on her own."

"What a neat idea", I said. "It sounds just like Romney's idea of self-deportation, "Let's make illegal immigrant's lives a living hell and they will probably decide to leave on their own."

"It's not going to happen for either of you", I said.

My friend is in the presence of a very obsessed woman who wants a husband (any husband it would seem) and she won't budge that easy, so good luck to him with that.

And the Republican candidate thinks bullying illegal aliens will make them self-deport (this makes me laugh). I wonder if he actually has any clue of what these people go through in order to be here.

Let me tell you a few things Mr. Romney. These "illegals" that want to come to the land of the free first have to find the money to pay for a "coyote". This person charges about 30 thousand pesos (2500 dollars approximately) to help them cross the border. The amount is way too many pesos for people making less than minimum wages in Mexico - so the whole family pitches in and borrows money - for one of the family members to take off.

Once they pay, they better hope that the coyote of their choice it's an honest one, because some of them just take their money, leaving them in northern Mexico. But even if the coyote it's a good man, the immigrants know beforehand that there's a big possibility of them dying during the journey. With the border fence, the top-notch technology and thousands of Border Patrol agents, the coyotes have to look for more remote and dangerous places to cross - so hundreds of illegals die each year before reaching their destination - whether of heat exhaustion, dehydration, starvation, and sometimes even murder.

Then the "very lucky" ones who make it across, must find a job, and it's usually a very really-low-paid-slave-position with zero benefits. Illegals will take any job available to them - even the ones that are terribly dangerous - and jobs that most American don't want, like harvesting crops, washing dishes, cleaning homes and dirty bathrooms. Plus they have to take all kind of abuses from their superiors being that they cannot report them to any authorities. And on top of it all, these men and women live in fear of being deported because that minimum amount of dollars they're making is being sent to Mexico to support their whole family down there.

So as you can see Sir, they aren't self-deporting any time soon.

These people don't come here looking to get anything "handed out" to them, they don't have any fantasies of living in a country were they don't speak the language or know anybody, they only come here because they're very poor and they are looking for a way to provide for their loved ones. It's survival 101.

Decent people find decent ways of solving problems and these illegals are not your biggest problem Mr. Romney.

Republicans may continue to harass and bully 11 million illegal immigrants but they're wasting their time, many of them already built a life and a family here and they're decent and honest people who call this country home - even if Romney wants them out.

(And by the way, my friend's girlfriend is staying put too, she doesn't care about being mistreated she just cares about staying with him and not letting another woman take her side of the bed. Some people just can take it.)