10/29/2010 12:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Edwards Releases New Attack Ad As Poll Numbers Dip

Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Texas, is pulling out all the stops as Election Day looms closer. In his latest ad, "Side," he reiterates all of the reasons Republican challenger Bill Flores should not be elected to the House of Representatives.

Edwards' attacks on Flores have remained essentially the same during the campaign: against Flores' proposed elimination of the Department of Education, emphasizing that Flores said no to thousands of local jobs and Flores' support of private accounts for Social Security and veteran's health care.

The ad began running in Waco on Thursday.

Watch the video below:

Transcript: With our local jobs, our families, our future at stake, where is Bill Flores? Saying no, to a new hospital for Fort Hood heroes, and two thousand new jobs. On the sidelines, in Baylor's Big Twelve fight. Killing the Department of Education, hurting our students and schools. And privatizing Social Security and veterans' health care. If Bill Flores wins, we all lose. Congressman Edwards: "I'm Chet Edwards. And I approve this message because there's so much at stake."