Does This Dress Make Me Look... ?

Does this dress make me look: Silly, too fat, too old, "Inappropriate"... ? The answer will surprise you... and it's always the same answer.
05/18/2012 11:53 am ET Updated Jul 17, 2012

Does this dress make me look...

Silly, too fat, too old, "Inappropriate"...? The answer will surprise you, and it's always the same answer.

I'm Sondra Celli, and you may have seen me on TLC's new hit "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding." I dress Gypsies and Gorgers (non-gypsies) for every occasion imaginable and some of my gowns will make your head spin. Shaved pink mink with Swarovski crystal initials, tiaras and ostrich feathers are all standard fare for the Gypsies. How could they possibly wear THAT? They wear it because they want to make a statement and project their confidence. These girls are taught from birth to "Bring It" every day of their lives. If this dress doesn't "take the road"(be the best of the party) this time, that's OK... they'll wear something else to the next party that will! Gypsies rarely re-wear, it's a sign of weakness. Their philosophy is one and done. Gypsies never show weakness. Here's how we can apply some Gypsy practices to a wedding situation you might face:

"I have to go to my ex-boyfriend's wedding and his fiancᅢᄅ is hot. What do I wear?" The answer is tough, it takes courage and you may not want to do it... but here goes. Don't look in your closet, talk to your Mom or your girlfriends. You have to do one on your own. You have to open your eyes to the rest of the world and see what makes you happy. Take out a notebook and start scanning through the style/entertainment sections of your favorite magazines and of course, the Huffington Post! Tear out/print whatever catches YOUR eye and make a file. DON'T look for things to wear! Let your eyes tell you what you truly LIKE. Don't rush, this isn't a race. Look through your file and start piecing together a look that makes you smile. At this point you may need a designer to help you put some ideas together that work visually and technically. You'll know when it's right... you'll have an inward smile that will exude out. That's confidence that you can't buy off the rack. It will be natural to walk in chin up, shoulders back and strut your stuff!

Here's the answer to "Does this dress make me look..." Actually, nobody cares about you! They're worried about themselves and the whole basket of insecurities they carry around with them ESPECIALLY at big events where they can't hide behind their job, their house, their new car. They're out there naked to the world and they're terrified that other people will see those insecurities. They drink too much, dance too hard and flirt too brazenly to divert attention from themselves. Sound familiar? Don't be hard on yourself. We've all done it from time to time.

When you walk in wearing that dress that represents the REAL you, people will start asking you the strangest questions. "You look great! Did you lose weight? Who's the new guy? You MUST be in love!" Wearing something this personal will give you all the confidence in the world. Sometimes you just have to jump off the bridge!

Here's wishing you always "take the road."

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