03/28/2014 03:29 pm ET Updated May 27, 2014

To Ship or Not to Ship Your Luggage

Wouldn't it be great if you could travel bag-free? There would be no bag-check lines, no waiting for luggage, no lost luggage and best of all, no restrictions. Well, it is entirely possible. And traveling with your beloved bicycle? That is possible, too. How? Ship it.

Shipping Your Luggage:

Shipping your luggage might be the ultimate indulgence. So you must be aware that first, it is not cheap, and second, you will have to pack and send your items a few days in advance.

These four companies specialize in shipping luggage.

Shipping vs. Checking Bags

To really hone down on what the best choice is, you need to do the math. In general, however, if what you have is luggage that is overweight (50-70 pounds), you will be better off paying the overweight fees with your airline.

If your bag is oversized (larger than 62 in/158 cm), that's when it is really worth shipping.

For an oversized, overweight bag on a domestic flight, you can pay up to $400 extra. On an international flight, you simply cannot take the bag onboard.

Comparing Rates

Unfortunately, there is no set formula for knowing when to ship and when to take your bags onboard. There is however, a way of effectively comparing rates for both.

At, there is a great chart that compares baggage fees for different airlines. Also, has comparison charts for shipping vs. checking your bags.

Shipping luggage can get a bit messy. Be sure to research and compare your options before you make any decisions!