09/19/2014 03:06 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2014

Travel Tips: Fear of Flying

For many of you, flying can be a touchy subject. No matter what sets you off about flying, the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. As stated on, as many as 25% of all Americans suffer from some nervousness about flying.

Truth is, you have more of a chance of dying on your way to the airport than on the plane itself! According to, there is only a 1/29.4 millionth chance of you getting into a plane accident!

I can sit here and tell you all of the statistics you already know. But... that won't really help much. Although I don't have an exact recipe for getting rid of your fear, I can give you a few tips on how to cope with the anxiety.

#1. If turbulence is what freaks you out, do whatever it takes to sit right by the wings. It's where you will feel it the least. Do NOT sit at the back of the plane.

#2. Let the flight attendants know that you are uncomfortable flying. They have seen this time and time again. They will be on the lookout.

#3. Tell the person sitting next to you that you are uncomfortable flying. That way, when you are clenching onto your seat, you don't have to think about what the guy next to you is thinking of you. You can just focus on yourself.

#4. Aisle or window? If you have a fear of heights, go for aisle. If you are afraid of being stuck in an iron tube in the middle of the air, go for window. Being able to look out can be calming and peaceful.

#5. Bring entertainment! Bring a phone, a tablet, anything, filled with mindless content.

Thankfully, they are now allowing electronics to be on in airplane mode during take off. And if you can, keep your mind busy by putting your headphones on and isolating yourself from your surroundings.