11/24/2013 06:32 pm ET Updated Jan 24, 2014

The Idea and Itinerary

Last Wednesday, it occurred to me that I would no longer be commuting between San Francisco and New York: I decided that I wanted to live in New York, resulting in me resigning from my job in San Francisco. With only a month gap between the time that I would leave for my already planned trip to Dubai and India, I sat on my bed, anxiously wondering what I was going to do for the next few weeks, besides teach myself to build apps on Google Glass. In a moment of distraction, I checked out December flights to London and discovered that they were about $800 -- the amount of money that I could make by renting out my apartment on AirBnB for one week...


I've been passionate about influencing the future of wearable technology since I was 13, after reading Feed by M.T. Anderson. When Glass was released in March 2013, I knew I had to be involved in this future. Thirty thousand people have now been invited to join Google's Glass Explorer program, myself included. The exclusivity of having Glass will not last that much longer. Now is the perfect time to travel around the world to record how people, from a wide range of cultures, interact and experience Glass for the first time, as I form ideas about how to build on the platform Google has created.


Just now, at 19:47, I bought my plane ticket to Madrid. I land on December 4th and intend to be there for three days before heading to Barcelona, Paris, London and Berlin. From Berlin, I will fly back to New York to re-pack my backpack and on December 21st, I will fly to Dubai. I will be in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for two days before taking a plane to Mumbai, India. Then I will travel to Goa, where I will spend New Years, before returning to New York on January 3rd. On the 5th, I am flying out to CES in Las Vegas.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone's experiences through Glass and allowing people across different cultures to experience Glass!