05/01/2014 10:25 am ET Updated Jun 30, 2014

The World Through Google Glass

This video captures my five-week journey through Madrid, Barcelona (the only city not in this video), Paris, London, Berlin, Dubai, Goa and Mumbai that sought to capture people's first reactions and experiences with Google Glass. After being invited into the Google Glass Explorer program, I knew the novelty of Glass would soon diminish and thus, wanted to give the rest of the world a glimpse into the future of wearable technology. It has been a passion of mine to understand how cultures react and adopt to new technologies. This project, SOPHIA THROUGH GLASS, encapsulates that.
I want to thank everyone that I met along the way for opening my eyes to new perspectives on technology and the future. This journey taught me that using Glass is just one of the many lenses through which I can see the world. Every single person I met along the way contributed to this learning experience and am forever thankful. I also want to thank my mom for her continuous edits, my step-father for being my inspiration to live life to the fullest, my family and friends for believing in me, and last but definitely not least to the 3% Conference who were the most supportive sponsors I could have ever asked for.

AFTERWORD: My assumption about the novelty of Glass was correct: as April 24, 2014, anyone can now buy Glass. The negative stories in the press may not have been what Google was hoping for, but I still believe in the future of ocular technology. I believe that we will look back in 10 years at this video, and at Glass, and think to ourselves, how could we wear those things?! In the meantime, we must remember that this is only the beginning.