01/09/2012 07:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Get Rid of Those Resolutions

I don't like resolutions -- New Year's, Easter, summer or any other kind. I don't like them because they don't work. They have never worked. They put emphasis on what we don't do, don't have or don't know how to get. They put a focus on what's wrong with us. What we are lacking.

There is a myth that we will accomplish what we want to if we work at it harder, longer, more. I don't know for you, but I have worked pretty darn hard at some stuff I never achieved. So it seems like it is not the harder, longer, more that gets the job done.

Then what does? I have wanted to crack that code for most of my life. And I think I may have just done that.

It is the way I am thinking about what I am trying to accomplish. It is the often unconscious, always incompatible thoughts I am thinking about succeeding at that very goal that sabotages me.
I just did a TEDx talk where I share some of my findings in that very realm. Take a look for yourself, and please, toss that list of what you are not doing this year!

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