10/19/2013 05:31 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Design is a seductive career since one gets to spend all day creating the future, be well paid and the profession even has a certain cache at cocktail parties. The more successful one is, the closer one flies to the sun. Top designers are under a constant pressure to outdo their latest project, or else they are viewed as being over the hill and out of fashion. How do designers balance life and sustain a long career, so they can keep on having fun? And, - what about their loved ones?

I have never seen a designer who was not eventually married to or dated an exceptionally beautiful woman (or man). Though they may look like trophy wives, do not be fooled. Many of them have supported their designer spouse though college and the lean years in the beginning of their career. These partners are no pushovers, because if they were, they would not have survived. Designers are an engaging, enthusiastic and upbeat positive breed that are very creative when it comes to getting their own way, so a designer spouse has to be able to finally just say no!

Designers can be rather expensive in relationships, since they appreciate the finer things and surround themselves with beautiful objects. They can be extremely critical and it takes them forever to find exactly what they want. When they do, they make expensive purchases, which would make most sensible humans scratch their heads in disbelief and designer homes can be more tastefully decorated than many a movie star home.

Designers can also be difficult to live with since, unlike regular knowledge workers, their work-hours are almost never from nine to five, as they are always on call. They work late, miss dinner, work on weekends and from time to time they will be sent on assignments abroad implementing their design. Even when they are at home, they may often be absentminded while working on solving a particular problem and here again, a designer's spouse has to understand that this is nothing personal and yet still be able to set boundaries within which they both can live.

Designers are unusually idealistic, passionate, emotional and empathetic. Although they are visual, they feel the world around them and they want to understand how it works. They pick up on cues and see patterns that would go unnoticed by most people. Unfortunately this level of attention is seldom directed towards their spouses. It is not that they won't notice a new haircut; but they also might just pass by and miss seeing their most significant and favorite person altogether.

Designers come up with the strangest ideas, call your attention to the weirdest details and bring up the most unusual topics. They are always up for new adventures and cannot sit still and at a family party, might be known as the weird uncle or aunt. Is it fun to live with a designer? Well, let's just say it is never boring, since designers never see themselves as better than their last project which makes design a 24/7 occupation. They are always switched on, researching, discovering new ideas, and playing with new connections, much like children. So if you are interested in embarking on a journey to discover your inner child, life with a designer may just be the ticket.