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Expectations and Resolutions: A Mash-Off Between Faith, Facts and Fictions

Thank you for joining our expectation extravaganza three-part series: "Faith, Fact and Fiction: Three Expectation Extravaganza Superstars." In our first post, we explored how we mix together (mash-up) four key ingredients (doubt, guilt, shame and worry) to create an expectations extravaganza (a mash-off) between faiths, facts or fictions. As we start a new season (December's equinox, Dec. 21) front-loaded with holiday events and the arrival of 2013, we entered into a 10-day period where expectations rapidly crescendo or crash. Did you expect something from the holiday season? Did your expectations mesh with reality (you rejoiced when you received what you wanted)? Or, did expectations serve up dishes of doubt, guilt, shame or worry?

"Reduce Stress: Upgrade Expectations to Agreements" (part two of this series) invites you to sift out the facts (from the fictions) related to who or what you place faith in. When faith is mindful of facts, we upgrade expectations to agreements. In the process of co-creating and communicating agreements, we uncover unconscious fictions. (Read part two of this series for more details.) Unexamined fictions ripen into facts when doubts, guilt, shame or worry go on for too long.

A poignant example of fictions ripening into facts appear in the fictional story of "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." Author Robert Louis Stevenson invites readers to wrestle with one's ability to be both good and evil at the same time. As the fiction unfolds, we witness Dr. Jekyll embroiled in a mash-off between his faith, facts and fictions. Dr. Jekyll places faith that his demonstrated good deeds offset his evil ways. As Dr. Jekyll deepens his relationship with doubt, guilt, shame and worry, we learn how Mr. Hyde fabricates facts to support his control over Dr. Jeykll. Ultimately (warning: plot spoiler here), Dr. Jekyll faces the fact that no matter how much good he does, he faces considerable pain and suffering for Mr. Hyde's evil actions.

Stevenson's fictional story shovels timeless plots of good vs. evil to redeem and resolve pain and suffering. To read a book, listen to a story or watch a movie clearly engages our senses of touch, sight and sound. What we experience (inspired by an author's pen) shifts from fiction to fact when we apply the intended moral of their story. In Stevenson's case, how many readers examined their relationships with good and evil after reading Dr. Jekyll's closing letter? If such an examination occurs, how might this ripple into daily life? Will Stevenson's story (or similar stories) snuff out the fictions we create when we craft a checkbook relationship between good and evil?

With 2013's arrival, much like a gardener using a shovel to prepare for planting (then one day, harvesting), I invite you to explore your faith, facts and fictions with the following questions (shovels) over the weeks and months ahead. As you harvest answers, feel free to share insights with us by leaving a comment or two below.

1. What fictions currently captivate you? What stories (fictions) do you make up about yourself or others? Are these stories based on facts or fictions?

2. Do you have enough faith in yourself (or some system) to believe you are, indeed, worthy of happiness and good health?

3. What fictions (fears) need to fade away to make the time to enjoy more happiness and good health?

When future expectation extravaganzas crop up (birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, faith-based celebrations, health procedures, etc.), what support do you need to upgrade expectations to agreements? How quickly will you seek out and engage this support?

To officially close our expectations extravaganza, ponder this: "Potential is a bridge between ask and grasp." Expectations weaken potential. Agreements strengthen potential. What agreements do you now make with yourself regarding your happiness and health?

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