08/12/2013 08:19 pm ET Updated Oct 12, 2013

Will Sochi 2014 Olympic Game Partners Walk Their Talk?

According to the following companies are worldwide Olympic partners: This site also lists numerous national partners and suppliers as well. Take the time to research their respective policies regarding equality, and you'll discover 85 percent prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. Visa is difficult to pin down given the diversity of financial institutions that create the Visa brand. Most major U.S. financial institutions value equality in both their hiring and promotion practices.

We assume these companies support the Olympic ideals. What about Russia's recent laws that explicitly discriminates against a recognized, valued demographic within their corporate structure? Do we hold these global players accountable for words printed on websites and annual reports' concept of equality?

Do you work for one of these companies? How do you feel about helping your company align their words with their deeds? Do you belong to in internal company organization such as an LGBT employee group? If so, what is your group doing to influence your companies Olympic sponsorship?

Every dollar spent on products or services created by these companies equals a vote of support for their product or service. No matter how much or how little money you spend, consider every dollar spent as a vote for what you want MORE of. Do you want MORE equality in our world? If so, spend wisely.

The above links connect you to the contact form for each respective company. As for Visa, if you have a Visa card, contact your Visa representative to inquire about their non-discrimination policies. Write each company a short note to let them know your feelings about their Sochi 2014 Olympic game partnership. Include statements that clearly tell them what actions you'll take if they continue to support this event in Sochi.