07/07/2015 02:27 pm ET Updated Jul 07, 2016

Here's How Wrong Trump Is: Immigrants Commit Less Crime


Everyone knows Donald Trump's comments about criminal Mexican immigrants are offensive -- even Donald Trump, who's deliberately using outrage to get attention he can't earn with substance, while also exploiting the GOP's venerable Southern Strategy.

But there are many people who will think that while Trump's comments may be offensive, they're also accurate -- just politically incorrect.

But no, they're not politically incorrect. They're factually incorrect.

Because the facts say that recent immigrants to the United States, legal or not, commit less crime than do native-born Americans.

Multiple studies show it. For example, this one by Justice Quarterly, cited by the Pew Research Center.

As Justice Quarterly's graph shows, the crime rate for first-generation immigrants is well below that for the native born. And then this happens: the rate for second-generation immigrants is nearly the same as for natives.

One likely interpretation: they catch up!

Maybe we should worry less about protecting Americans from immigrants, and a little more about protecting immigrants from Americans.

Or, at least, Americans like Donald Trump.