09/18/2012 03:11 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2012

Slow Down, Romney! You're Screwing Up Faster Than I Can Write

This has been going on for weeks now. Mitt Romney screws up -- say, by picking Ayn Rand fan Paul Ryan as his running mate. I write about it.

Then, Romney screws up again -- but so soon after the earlier screw-up, that what I just wrote is already feels dated. Example: within days of anointing Ryan, he throws him under the bus.

Romney screws up yet again, but now, the gap between screw-ups shrinks -- he's accelerating! After indulging in a racist birther joke, he sails into a remarkably lame Republican Convention, where his running mate gives a speech so brazenly dishonest that even Fox News takes note. Next, Clint Eastwood harangues an empty chair. Romney follows with a speech as empty as Eastwood's chair, but not nearly as entertaining.

Riding a non-existent post-convention bump, Romney goes on Meet The Press and endorses much of the supposedly toxic Obamacare, aka Romneycare, only to walk that back immediately.

I begin to despair of ever catching up. I mentally start and tear up a series of posts, each one's sell-by date now measured in hours.

Late on September 11, Romney charges that Obama somehow apologized for the Libyan consulate attack two hours before it happened. First thing the following morning, while facing scorn from right and left, he doubles down. This was last Wednesday. It seems so long ago now.

Sunday, we learn that Romney's campaign organization, which has appeared to be in complete disarray, is. Sensing a sinking ship, Romney staffers have ratted each other out to Politico. That story dominates Monday.

Make that most of Monday. By evening, we learn that Mitt Romney thinks 47% of Americans are bums. Also, that he thinks it's funny to joke about how he'd get better a deal in the election if he were a Mexican.

What's a blogger supposed to do? So many of the preceding paragraphs -- sentences -- phrases -- could have been a post.

But no. All wasted, because this guy's in such a hurry.

Slow down, Romney, please. You're screwing up faster than I can write.

Now, how much do the problems of one critic really matter? Hardly at all, of course. Here's what matters a whole lot more: after the Olympic grade flip-flopping, the outright lying, and the race-baiting, the argument for Mitt Romney was supposed to be his competence. Many of his supporters no doubt assume he doesn't mean the self-contradictory, dishonest or racist things he says, and that once elected he'll just get down to business fixing things.

But Romney's "inelegant" comments about the 47% show two things: first, that he actually does believe some of that junk -- the ugliest part, and that itself should be a disqualifier. But if it isn't, consider the second thing: Romney, it could hardly be clearer, is incompetent to lead.

No one like this should be the nominee of a major party, and the fact that he is indicates just how much trouble his party is in.

So keep it up, Mr. Romney, in a way you're doing us all a great service. This country needs you to lose as fast, and convincingly, as you can.