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11 Struggles of Living Gluten Free, as Told by Ross Geller


If you're like me and have been told by the doctor that gluten is your worst enemy, then you know the pain of being gluten free is real. Ross Geller is here to tell you he gets your pain too.

I'm not talking to anyone eating gluten free by choice... If this is you, stop now and eat gluten for those who can't.

This article is a gift to anyone with Celiac, an allergy to gluten, or gluten intolerance.

So grab a slice of gluten free pizza and enjoy Ross Geller's take on living gluten free.

1. Life before you knew you were gluten free...


Remember those mysterious stomach aches after every meal? Yeah.

2. When you first found out you were gluten free...


We all remember the day you were told you would never eat "real" pizza again.

3. When you get a bad stomach ache and wonder if you accidentally ate gluten...


Was that salad dressing really gluten free? Did you forget to check?

4. When the corn chips were fried in the same oil as the flour tortillas...


Seriously, why? Everyone knows that the chips and salsa are the best part of the meal.

5. When your food gets contaminated...


This happens more than you'd like to admit, but sometimes the risk of contamination is worth it.

6. When you become so contaminated that you look pregnant...


We all know the all too real pregnant belly that comes from cross contamination (and we make sure our friends do, too).

7. When people find out you're gluten free and ask what you eat...


Food. We eat food. We may be gluten free, but we are still humans. We like food and Netflix and chillin' as much as the next person.

8. When people ask us what would happen if we decided to start eating gluten again...


Wish this wasn't true.

9. When you ask your waiter which dishes are gluten free and they "don't know..."


The most tragic moment of going out to eat. Sadness? Anger? Can't decide.

10. When your friends decide to order pizza and you can't have any...


It never helps that your friends proceed to offer you some of the cheese, which you still can't eat (cross-contamination, duh).

11. When you eat something that you think is gluten free but isn't...


One of my biggest regrets in life. Lesson learned, never assume something is gluten free. Never.

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