05/19/2015 03:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

4 Bizarre Ways to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

If a corkscrew or a beer opener were not some of your first purchases when getting ready to go to college, then clearly you and I have different ideas about what it means to "go to college." Most students own these useful tools, but who hasn't found themselves at a college party with a bottle of wine and no wine opener?

Youtube and Google offer loads of different methods for opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew, but a lot of these techniques seem outrageous, and even dangerous. We decided to test these methods out, and we've ranked them first on the probability that the average college student will have the tool, and second on the success of the method.

1. The Shoe Method


While this method seems the most ridiculous of the four, this was the only method that actually worked. All you need is a shoe, a sturdy wall and to whack hard.

2. Screw and Hammer


While highly complex, this method was also pretty dangerous. We did extensive research on the proper way to insert the screw and how to pull it out using the hammer, and it was probably only by luck that we were able to yank the screw and cork out. Conclusion: only use this method if you are sober.

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Original post by Tori Goodell for Spoon University -- Georgetown.

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