05/06/2014 03:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

28 Creative Ways to Eat Bacon for Every Meal

You might think bacon is a special reward, a savory indulgence for lazy Saturday mornings, but we think the opposite. Bacon is good for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert (and, well, Saturday mornings work too). See how many of the following 28 dishes you can make:

Bacon fat biscuits.

Photo by Mimi Takano

Bacon fried rice.

Photo by Mimi Takano

Bacon fat doughnuts.

Photo by Mimi Takano

Bacon chocolate chip cookies.

Photo by Kelda Baljon

Bacon breakfast pancakes.

Photo by Kelda Baljon

Bacon hash.

Photo by Devon Carlson

Corn, bacon and jalapeño salad.

Photo by Annie Trimber

Bacon pumpkin quinoa, a combo we bet you've never tried before.

Photo by Hannah Lin

We call it the PB&B.

Photo by Christin Urso

Bacon and egg toast cups.

Photo by Emily Hu

Maple browned butter cupcakes.

Photo by Kelda Baljon

Bacon-wrapped dates with goat cheese and rosemary.

Peanut butter bacon banana bites.

Photo by Annie Trimber

Apple bacon-stuffed sweet potato.

Photo by Emily Hu

Sweet potato bacon mac n' cheese.

Photo by Kelda Baljon

Balsamic-braised bacon Brussels sprouts with a fried egg.

Photo by Andrea Kang

Bacon jalapeño poppers.

Photo by Celeste Holben

Bacon guacamole grilled cheese.

Photo by Gabby Phi

Roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon.

Photo by Kelda Baljon

Bacon, apple and brie sandwich. 

Photo by Christina Pritula

Candied bacon.

Photo by Parisa Soroya

Loaded potato soup.

Photo by Christine Chen

BLT, reinvented.

Photo by Alexandra Wee

Sriracha-ranch burger with mushrooms, onions and bacon.

Photo by Kirby Barth

Bacon egg cups, sans bread.

Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Browned butter, bacon and butterscotch chip cookies.

Photo by Annie Trimber

Caprese chicken wrapped in bacon.

Photo by Annie Trimber

Bacon popcorn.

Photo by Mimi Takano

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