02/12/2013 03:55 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2013

It's Now or Never to Rename Valentine's Day as Elvis Day

If you are someone who feel a tightness in your chest and tear drops swell in your eyes as you listen to any of Elvis' songs, perhaps no one but Elvis can make your Valentine's Day! You are almost certainly a baby boomer and you owe this to Elvis before you go; it is time to rename Valentine's Day as Elvis Day.

Valentine's Day is the ultimate celebration of love, the most precious of human feelings, personified by Elvis as no one else has. This is borne out by the titles he chose for his songs and their lyrics, almost all of which had nothing but love to sing about. Why are we then waiting for the kind bishop St. Valentine to abdicate to place the King himself on the throne of love?

What makes Elvis uniquely deserving is the emotional avalanche of each of his songs, delivered with powerful voice, intonation, timbre and mountains of emotion to someone in front of him, making you feel that someone was no one but you. Arguably even Luciano Pavarotti's superb delivery of the original "O Sole Mio" has never achieved the emotional turmoil of "Now or Never" by Elvis in listener's minds.

If 35 years after his death, in the age of social media, we still aren't calling Valentine's Day "Elvis Day," only the commercialism and short sightedness for immediate profits must be blamed.
As someone said, "You can bet that Col Parker, Elvis' manager, would have been all over social media: for a price. It would cost money to click onto the official Elvis page, or even his website. If not that, you'd have to pay to use it, with a teaser front page leading to a pay for Elvis main section. Nobody got to see Elvis for free, the Colonel saw to that."

In reality, even without the Colonel around, the situation is exactly the same. Despite the social web being a free for all world on its own, nothing about Elvis is really free, which virtually destroy any chance of the legacy of Elvis being passed on to the future generations.

In today's competitive world of modern electronic media and entertainment, different social values decide success and failure. Where values we knew and cherished are replaced by buckets of emotions of anger, hatred, lust, fame and glitterati, dominated by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, the softer qualities of love, romance and angst of separation and loss, which endeared Elvis and his music to a generation, do not find much of a chance to survive.

In the broken-down social fabric of today, which is being reshaped by social media, where the pope can tweet to his sheep and you can find friends you can bang with just by a click, there are fewer and fewer people to listen to and experience the inexplicable emotional trips to fantasy worlds of joy and sorrow only Elvis songs can take you.

It is sad that whole new generations are really missing out on something which their parents and grandparents were granted to experience but have no real means of passing on, like lessons in text books or in curriculum. It is indeed a shame that future generations might not even know Elvis ever lived and graced the earth.

Songs like "Can't Help Falling in Love," "Always on My Mind," "Love Me Tender," "Are You Lonesome Tonight," "I Will Hold You in My Heart" or "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me," which are indeed immortal, will be most probably forgotten.

When everyone is concerned about preserving and protecting our environment and a clean world for future generations and billions of dollars spent on efforts, there must be a ways to stop this being happening.

Releasing a royalty free album of memorable, evergreen Elvis songs as an ELVIS DAY album, free for all and downloadable on the net would be a good start.

Renaming Valentine's Day as Elvis Day must certainly make awareness of his music and legacy for years to come, naming a day to remember and celebrate.

With platforms like Facebook reaching over a billion memberships, with six billion more to join, the enormous power of the social web can definitely help to rekindle the dying memory of this great singer and human being among the younger generation.

For business minds in the know of the enormous power of the social web, that in itself must be ample reason for releasing at least part of the treasure on the web.

Sadly, the onus is on the baby boomers, who lived to experience the miracle in the voice and life of one of the sweetest of human beings, who gave us some of the greatest music which could really touch the hearts and souls of humans, to make it immortal for the sake of future generations.

Let us show our love of Elvis; for a start, let us call this Valentine's Day ELVIS Day!