09/24/2013 03:17 pm ET Updated Nov 24, 2013

An Expats Dream: "The Green Card"

The "American Dream" shines brighter in most eyes that I encounter across continents. I have been traveling since I was 18, and every time USA becomes a topic of discussion, the quest for the stars and stripes (green card) seems to be the aspiration of the world. Since, most people regard USA as the number one country in the world. The freedom, equality, liberty, flexibility and innovation that one experiences in America is hardly ever replicated anywhere else.

The US gave me an education and experience that I can proudly wear and utilize anywhere on the globe. The respect and admiration I get for having an American education and work experience till date surprises me. Such is the power of this great land. However, this America is currently in distress.

Therefore, I request the American government to ease the green card process for qualified expats with advanced degrees so that they can keep contributing to the growth of the nation, and find ways of infusing creativity and innovation into a land that welcomes all.

A point based system for Permanent Residence like Canada or Australia can really help this situation. The green card process should be made even simpler for people who have lived in the US on a student visa especially, as they are trained to work in an American culture post graduation.

Unfortunately, due to the economic slowdown, many students have to return to their home country without experiencing the American work culture. This is leading to a general discontent in the students who want to pursue education in America, as they wonder if their investment into an "American Education" will pay off in the future for them.

Others, who have been fortunate to work in the American system for years after graduating from an American college or university, feel massive levels of anxiety when it comes to the green card process, as they are never sure of their status in the country. Since, they are at the mercy of their employer until they get a labor certification.

Then, there are other classes of green cards that are applicable for supremely talented and established rich folks. In all this classification, the budding talent slips through the cracks. Therefore, to boost the Education Industry in America, retain talent that was groomed to contribute to the prosperity of the country and to attract larger groups of students to study in America, a reform of the current system is much needed.