09/27/2013 04:19 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2013

Awaken your Inner Light

Randy Pausch, the professor from Carnegie Mellon, who gave the Last Lecture, inspired millions like me around the world. As I woke up this morning, I remembered his words, "If you have lived your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself, and your dreams will come to you."

Hence, it is important to remember this vital piece of information as we go through the motions of life, explore unfamiliar territories, and uncertain futures. Listed below are a few quick fixes to bring back positive vibrations:

• Don't judge another person. You never know what battles they are fighting. If you can't say kind words, be silent. Try to give people enough time, and they will mostly show you their good side.

• Show gratitude.

• Fix your breathing. Take time to meditate. Do "pranayama". These tried and tested methods help us to clear and center our minds.

• Turn feelings of greed into generosity, and let anger bloom in compassion. Forfeit ignorance for wisdom.

• Live in the moment. As clichéd as it sounds, but it works. Pay attention to the moment you are in and, the people who you are with. Enjoy these moments to the fullest. There may be dissatisfaction, but our own mind causes this suffering due to the burning desires within us. Therefore, be smart of your desires. Feel the feelings but do not get stuck in emotions. Let your mind run free like a noble well-bred horse.

• Don't feel too bogged down with failure. It is natural, and it is constant. There is always a potential for something good or worse (suffering or enlightenment).

• Finally, let everyone be happy. Smile at the idea of the unknown. Life is glorious as it is, and it is filled with miracles. Hence, there is no need to ask for anything else. Learn that "this is the way it is."

Remember to recognize that no one goes beyond in life. Let this wisdom sync deep into your veins, so that you can relax and enjoy this ride called LIFE.

Often, people wonder about the Meaning of Life. The answer is to just find your special talent or gift. So work hard, and be good at something, it makes you valuable. Then when you find your gift, just give it away, and that is your purpose for this life.