06/13/2014 07:19 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2014

Life Happens Fast

Not often enough do we take the time to stop. Always going, going and going, it seems so much harder then it should be to just STOP!

Life happens fast.

Take our focus and re-prioritize it for just five minutes a day even, just feeling our breaths and looking around at this magnificent place we are. The sunshine we take for granted is beautiful and it lights up our world! That breeze and fresh air that gives us chills at times but is what we need to survive. That tree in your front yard that drives you absolutely bonkers as it sheds it's leaves and you have to rake one a week for two moths straight is a gorgeous creation. How about your mother or father that decided to go buy a new computer or tablet and is blowing up your phone every five minutes with a question that they "should just know the answer to!" -- yet they gave you life and nurtured you and watched you grow giving you guidance.
Life happens fast,

In a blink of the eye all that beauty, fresh air, and people we love could be gone. The chance to express gratitude to them or just stop and take it in will be gone too.

When we are constantly in motion with all of our "day to day obligations" or responsibilities, we move further away from ourselves and what is truly important. Embracing the things and people that matter the most and letting them know. Why do we, (and I have been guilty of this too) wait until it is too late? When the chances are gone and we have no other option but to look back and say "I could have, I should have, would have." Listing off everything we should have done differently had we just took that moment to stop.

We need to start positioning ourselves to look back and say "yes I did and I am doing" then taking a sigh of relief because we are left with no regret, we did what we could and we did stop before it was too late.

Life happens fast.

I would encourage everyone and anyone to look around you and take it all in. Embrace every moment and live a life that will leave you no regrets in the end. We all change and grow and who we were yesterday many not be who we are today but we do have control over who we are tomorrow and it starts now.

Life happens fast.