11/10/2011 08:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cleaning Tip: Stacking Firewood

Front Page Photo: Flickr, Horia Varlan.

Properly stacking firewood helps logs stay dry and keeps the pile stable. Choose a flat, even spot of ground and lay wooden shipping pallets so that firewood sits a good three inches above the ground to keep wood clean, bug-free, and, most important, dry. To create a stable base, begin stacking the flattest (hence, most stable) pieces along the front of the pallet with ends facing out. Lay each new row so that it crisscrosses the one beneath it. Arrange logs so that they tip in toward the center of the pile, taking the weight of the wood inward rather than out, and leave a bit of space between logs for air to circulate. For safety, limit the height of the pile to four feet. Cover the pile with a tarp to keep it dry. The tarp should be free of holes and large enough to cover the pile and drape on the ground around it an additional couple of feet. Anchor the tarp on the top of the pile with stones and tie the bottom of the tarp to the pallets.

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