12/12/2011 09:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How To Be Organized: When To Toss Cosmetics

Flickr Photo by denej

Once exposed to air, cosmetics start to lose effectiveness and the ability to combat bacteria. The chart below offers a general guideline, but celebrated makeup artist Pati Dubroff notes that some products (with the exception of mascara) can last longer than indicated if stored in a cool place away from sunlight. Lipsticks, foundations, and other cream-based formulas are more subject to spoilage than powders. She advises discarding a product if there is a change in smell or it has been exposed to heat.

Product -- Shelf Life

Liquid and cream foundation -- 6-12 months
Concealer -- 8-12 months
Pressed powder* -- 1 year
Eye shadow -- 1 year
Blush -- 1 year
Mascara -- 3 months
Lipstick and lip gloss -- 2 years
Eye and lip pencils -- 2 years
Facial cleanser -- 1 year
Facial toner -- 1 year
Facial moisturizer -- 1 year

*Pressed powder spoils faster if stored with puffs, which tend to accumulate oil. if kept separately from puffs and sponges, these powders can last up to three years.

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