Middle (St)age, Middle Age Acceptance Is Key! (Part 2) GO TEAM!

08/19/2014 04:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017


Now that you've had a few days to accept your Middle (St)age status... and presumably had a few drinks, written a novel, or your first play, penned a few heartfelt songs, painted a still life, purchased a red corvette and bought a leather jacket... you know, like ya do: Welcome back.

Please don't think I'm going to leave you hanging with this newfound label without talking you through it. As a companion, and as one dealing with it herself, I know we can do this as a team!

Team Middle Age. Team Middle (St)age. Team Mid Life.

Team! Give me an "M"... Give me an "I"... Give me a "D" ...OK, you get the picture.

But seriously, just for clarity sake. Let's get it together one more time. Just to make sure you're on board.



Good. Good for you. Now. Take a breath. A deep one. Oh yes, and breathe out. (Don't forget that part.) Now repeat.

Is that the longest break you have taken in a month?

If so? You need a little more help. But let's deal with that later...

There is another issue at hand. Just because you've said it? In order to believe it? You have to see it. So, get up. Go look at yourself in the mirror. Seriously. Do it. I'll wait.

What do you see? A few lines around your eyes that weren't there before? A little turkey neck situation? A few extra pounds around the middle? Do you see a little bit of your mother or father looking back?

Uh huh. I know. Take another breath. A deep one.
(and breathe out.. you'll get the hang of it...)

Take heart. You are NOT alone. It may feel like you are, because this is a very personal journey. But believe me, you are not alone. Remember, we are a TEAM! You will start noticing Teammates all over the place. You will feel surrounded by teammates at the grocery store, at church, on your block, everywhere you go. Just pay attention and you will see.

So, let's just all calm down. Although there is no cure, and no turning back the clock, it's not that dire. I want to assure you that it's merely a new normal. Embracing it is key.


If the downside of this new normal is a few laugh lines or an extra bit of bunting around the middle, let's also realize that this new normal comes with the fact that our Team has the potential keys to just about everything. If we can get it together, we can take back the night. We can make this a better planet. The decisions are all ours right now. The purse strings are ours right now and happiness can also be ours.

I'm going to share some stories of my embrace, or struggles to embrace, this stage of life. We will find a way together to be happy and more fulfilled. Or at least to realize that there's not a damn thing we can do about it, so we might as well get happy and more fulfilled!

We will find a way to THRIVE with your brave self-acknowledged Middle Aged status.

Please come back. I want to hear from you too! Oh, and P.S.: Our Team is going all the way to the Midlife Bowl. The Middle (St)age Olympics. The World Series of Midlife. Give me an "M'... Give me an "I"...

Now, watch Episode 2 of Middle (St)age below, exclusively on Stage17.tv. You'll feel better about yourself.


Middle (St)age is written by Stacia Fernandez and Jacob Pinion and can be seen in it's entirety on Stage17.tv. Follow Stacia at @Fernandezstacia - follow her character Marina Lippon at @MarinaLippon or follow her page MIDDLESTAGE on Facebook. Just don't follow her around the grocery store. It makes her nervous.