09/05/2013 10:51 am ET Updated Nov 05, 2013

Plan for Your Wealth and Wellness

Wealth and wellness is planned accuracy, not luck. It has a lot to do with personal improvement as well as personal investment. You are your number one asset, and the care and keep of your body and mind is significant as you build wealth. Every person has the ability to succeed. It's all based upon your own efforts and not anyone else's. Life is about action. This four-step action plan will help you succeed at creating a life of wealth, wellness and up-leveling your income.

1. Create a wealth plan

You don't want to wander aimlessly without a strategy for your finances. If you want to have a prosperous life, you must create a prosperity plan. Creating a plan will help you address your money mindset and overcome any inner financial issues you may have. Often, people have a fear of financial increase because of personal beliefs that comes from their upbringing or teachings they may have heard on finances and abundance.

When my client's come to me stuck in their businesses and can't seem to profit, I start by developing a wealth plan based on their money mindset. Years ago when I was stuck, I created a plan to prosper and worked on it daily to reach my goals. In the process of working that plan, I conquered all the negative emotions that were influencing me and suppressing my moneymaking abilities.

Start by implementing a 5-year plan of action specifically outlining your financial objectives. Make sure it is clear and flexible enough to change if circumstances arise. Review your plan often and do something daily that gets you closer to your financial goals. Most importantly, while you are working your plan and the money starts to come in, learn to spend less than you earn that's one of the real secrets to creating wealth.

2. Start Your Day With Meditation

15 minutes of daily mediation can change your life. Clearing your mind boosts your mood while reducing stress and anxiety. Meditating binds you to your body's signals and removes the clutter surrounding you. By giving your body a break each day, you will be more alert and aware of opportunities to enhance your career. So get alone, clear your head and prepare for the possibilities that lie ahead.

3. Eat energy-rich foods

I teach my clients there's no sense in building your wealth if you're not going to take care of your health. If you want to perform at optimum level, then you have to preserve your body.

Add more fresh and organic produce to your regimen. Eat lots of proteins and greens and drink water daily. When you feel healthy and alert, you are also more energetic. You need energy to be successful in life. Eating right builds your stamina and enables you to go after your goals with gusto.

Not being fit and eating foods that aren't nutritious have a negative affect on your mood and performance. Plan your meals in advance to combat the urge to settle on unhealthy foods that steal your energy and cause you to become sluggish and slow. You'll get more done at a faster pace and in a better mood when you're taking care of you.

The body and the mind are in sync, and for your mind to have the energy to strive your body should be in the best shape as possible. I always ask my clients while they are building their wealth portfolio; do they also have regular exercise routines? If not, then find one that's easy to execute, even if it's just walking.

4. Invest In Yourself.

Invest more on information and education rather than items such apparel and accessories. I'm a firm believer that you should look good, but I think you should spend more on educating yourself. You have to be willing to invest in your advancement. The more you learn, the more you earn. Information changes the seasons of your life. Once I got information-hungry and started flooding my mind with new information in the directions of my dream, my whole life shifted. Reading taps you into a reservoir of new ideas and solutions for life's problems. Books are often roadmaps to the next phase in your life.

Wealth and wellness is for you if you want it. If you work diligently, it's within your bounds of achievement. Now that you have the secrets, it's up to you to develop the resolve and use the four-step action plan to live long and prosper.