12/31/2014 12:53 pm ET Updated Mar 02, 2015

The Best Leadership Advice I've Ever Received

Peter Daniels, one of my mentors from Australia, advised me to get up every day and meditate; sit, think and always journalize my thoughts daily.

I took his advice to heart and for over a decade I have kept my morning routine of meditation and journalizing. I truly value my early morning hours. It is my sacred time to calm my mind and invoke inspiring thoughts that help me to prepare for a successful day.

Successful people develop morning routines that help them reach their daily goals and achieve tremendous success. Like Daniels, meditation has empowered me to have more creativity, insight and foresight into my projects and my day. Uninterrupted time spent thinking and pondering on your plans will always prove to be very productive.

The key to successful meditation is focusing on the positive. Often, people tend to focus on the negative problems all day long. That's just worrying. Worrying is only a negative form of meditation. On the other hand, when you dedicate a specific time to purposefully focus on positive results in your business and life, you are more likely to find solutions and attract opportunities to achieve your desired results.

Meditation can be a life-changing force in your life. The act of solitude can solve many problems. When I launched my business, I would rise early and escape to my sacred place, to clear my mind and focus on my vision boards. Each time, I would get game-changing ideas that propelled me closer to my goals. One morning, while in meditation, I heard clear as day to contact the author of a book I was reading. I dialed the number printed in the book and was able to reach them easily. We had an instant connection! After a few conversations I discovered that they had all the answers to my burning questions for the next phase of my business. Those are the kind of divine moments that happen as a result of mediation.

In my time of meditation I usually ask a question then sit and wait for the answer. Sometimes it's just one word that comes to mind. I then write that word down and take action right away.

I use my journal to carefully craft daily action plans for my life. What's written is real. Once you've put the words to paper, you crystallize that thought. You have a greater chance of it becoming a reality for you. Just think, every building was once only an idea, and then it was put to paper as a blueprint. The contractors used that printed blueprint to make that idea a reality. Consider your journals your master book of life's blueprints. What you plan can become your reality.

Through my coaching experience, I've discovered that many people find it difficult to journalize consistently. Not because it's hard, but because they don't know what to write, besides venting. However, there are so many more useful techniques that one can use for journaling. For example, I keep journals for every month and labeled them January - December. I write my morning thoughts from meditation time and I close out the night by writing 10 things I'm grateful for today.

You can also use your journal to dream big. Many times it's hard to admit, even to ourselves, our greatest desires. However you can allow your journal to be a sacred space to dream beyond your means and share your truest desires with yourself.

Your journal is an ideal place to write out all of your desires and dreams. If there were no limits, what would you want to become? Who would you want to meet? What would you have? Where would you go? Write it all down, describing in detail what your success looks like. With your intentions set, everything around you can begin to align to make even your biggest dreams possible. By doing this, you can begin to put the laws of success attraction into motion.

I start each morning in meditation, with my journal in tow (I keep a stash by my night stand). I expect my best thoughts and purest ideas to meet me in my quiet time. I rise with the intention to find solutions to my challenges and to invoke inspiration that leads me to people, places and things that help me achieve my desired results. You tend to get what you expect.

A strong leader is one who is sure of herself, her desires and capabilities. When you know where you're going you can lead others as well. This is why mediation and journaling is the best leadership advice that I have ever gotten. My business and life was built from these simple habits.