04/13/2012 12:00 pm ET Updated Jun 07, 2012

Can Love Karma Change Your Divorce Destiny?

Would fewer marriages end in divorce if we relied on our intuition, rather than our hearts, when picking a future spouse? Is there a way to predict whether a marriage will last before you even walk down the aisle? Well, according to a new book, Love Karma: Use Your Intuition to Find, Create, and Nurture Love in Your Life, there may be a blueprint that could lead to a decline in our nation's high divorce rate. The key is using your own psychic ability to find your best partner.

Author Char Margolis is a nationally acclaimed psychic medium who has appeared on shows like "Dr. Oz" and "Dr. Phil," showcasing her ability is to connect people with loved ones who have passed on. Now she is applying her psychic ability to the arena of love to help people make more solid choices in their relationships. Margolis presents an interesting angle on love, relationships and commitment by demonstrating how you can harness your romantic intuition to pick the right potential mate. If her methods and prescriptions head off future painful splits, then Love Karma will have provided a potent dose of alternative medicine in the world of marriage and divorce.

Margolis defines karma as "what goes around comes around." According to her, when it comes to love, karma is playing a key role in your success in connecting with another person. The author's theory is that if we choose love based on energy and intuition, rather than solely on emotion, our relationship has a stronger chance of survival.

The author posits that we are attracted to people who have the same energy of the parent we emotionally struggled with in our childhood. Many of us can become attracted to the same dysfunctional energy over and over again in our relationships. We then choose someone because they fulfill an emotional hole rather than because they make our life more fulfilling. Instead, the ideal mate is a soul mate, a person who helps our soul to grow.

Love Karma is based on the theory that everyone has the gift of intuition, but we often get distracted from intuitive signals when we divert our energy into making the wrong relationship work. The book presents some novel approaches on how to select the right relationship that can go the distance. Especially intriguing is Margolis's method of scanning potential mates to see if their energy matches yours and her application of psychic ability to predict if the person in your life is truly your life partner.

If it takes more than love to predict the success of a relationship, then Love Karma may be a game changer in the arena of marriage and divorce.