05/27/2016 01:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hillary, Its Time to Play Your Trump Card


As the presidential campaign begins the pivot toward the general election, Hillary Clinton needs to gut the fat cat and Lost Tycoon, Donald Trump. This political season has proven to be different than every other; the conventional rules do not apply. Hillary, the time for the niceties of the presidential campaign have passed, you need to proverbially cut Trump's head off and leave it in an alley.

First, let's take the Bill issue off the table. How? Simply ask the Lost Tycoon whether he violated his wife Ivana as she claimed in 1989. A simple yes or no will suffice. Of course, Trump will say his wife was lying. I'd love to hear what Ivana has to say about that. After all she walked it back from rape to violated. Is she willing to now come forward and say she lied in her deposition? It was all a misunderstanding, just rough sex. Right.

Hillary, this is an unconventional campaign. Every time Trump brings up Bill, you bring up Ivana. Tit for tat. Trump will shut up immediately. Your Bill problem will disappear because you will be talking about your husband but Trump will be defending himself. If you play cards, you should understand that Ivana is your ultimate trump card. Pun intended. The media will do the rest but you must say it first.

Hillary, I understand that you want to discuss issues that are important to our country but you don't get to determine the rules of the game. The voters do. They seem to be responding to the Trump side show, so you need to become a carnival barker. "In our center ring, we have the Lost Tycoon, a wife violator who has bankrupted several companies, hates Muslims and Mexicans, and thinks the world needs more nuclear weapons. Come see the oddity that wants to be President of the United States."