09/28/2007 08:22 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Now You See...

When I suggested that everyone vote in Democrats in 2006, I said at the same time that this was no endorsement. I said that without their minority status to fall back on, they would be exposed as co-imperialists with the Republicans to all who still bore Sisyphean hopes for that agglomeration of political oxygen theft.

In 2003, I said that Democrats would have invaded Iraq; and that they had every intention of staying. This is part of a systematic redisposition of the post-Cold War US armed forces. Bill Clinton was looking at the same plans, and they are all the same. Put the imperial troops on permanent bases in Southwest Asia.

This is not a Bush war. The Democrats have co-signed this crime every step of the way, and they intend to continue the adventure until we have Saigon 1975 Redux.

They just overwhelmingly authorized a resolution declaring the armed forces of another sovereign nation to be a terrorist group. They have consistently authorized pantopticon surveillance. Now they are in unison saying the war will last for ten, maybe 20 years, and they will not stop it even if they are in power.

Wanna hear the funny part? The Republicans are going to beat their asses in 2008, and a lot of us aren't going to lift a finger to stop it from happening.

They are worse than Republicans, because they are the half of the con that is pretending to be our friend.

If we want to invest our hopes in anyone about this war, then it needs to be in a GI rebellion or a catastrophic economic collapse.

There are more and more right now who are saying that after they cast their ballot for Dennis Kucinich in the primary, we'll be showing up a year form November with signs explaining why we are letting the Democrats sink into their own shit.

Now they are exposed. There will be no lesser-evil war. Elections haven't been democratic here ever; and we are tired of the sham. Now everyone can see it is a sham.

Now we need to throw sand in the gears. Or be good little Germans, vote quietly, and ignore the smoke. Your choice.