04/16/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A World Where Money Grows On Trees?

CNN Money reports that, according to a survey to be released Tuesday, Internet sales of cars, computers and other retail items will increase by 17% this year in spite of the current economic wilt.

"Retail sales online, excluding travel purchases, are set to grow to $204 billion in 2008 from $174.5 billion last year," the story goes, "fueled by sales of apparel, computers and autos, according to a survey conducted by Internet analysis firm Forrester Research for, the online arm of the National Retail Federation trade group. That projection is below the 21% increase seen in the prior year, but industry officials attribute it to the maturing of the business, not the sluggish economy."

There are, I think, two factors at play here. The first is my personal experience with Forrester Research, which has always existed to pump up the jam on all new media, offering quote monkeys, studies and other background in support of the digiteri.

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