Time Is Expendable/Expandable

03/04/2013 06:03 pm ET Updated May 04, 2013

I'm like a lot of us. Too busy, with too much to do, with not enough time. I have always had this dream of adding more hours to my day.

Now, I know that I can only have 24 hours just like everyone else, but I came upon a theory while watching a few teenagers sitting idly on a curb for over an hour. (When is the last time you sat idly doing nothing?) I assumed that they weren't using their allotted time of productivity for that hour of the day, so I "transferred" their unused one hour to my personal time bank. I had now just collected two hours to be banked and used later.

So, in my theory of expandable time, I can layer their time on top of mine. Not to worry, I'm not upsetting the cycle of the sun and moon by adding hours, but merely layering time and using those time levels to increase my productivity.

Hey, don't laugh, there are bodies sitting in deep freeze waiting for cryogenics to be figured out.