05/26/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Eco Fashion Pushes the Boundaries in CocoEco Magazine's Stephen Jones Nature Project

The Stephen Jones Nature Project, featured in the latest issue of Coco Eco Magazine, is a provocative and gorgeous creative endeavour, whether you consider yourself an environmentalist, a fashionista, both, or neither. Iconic British milliner Stephen Jones, made a style statement with found natural (and some human-made) materials which went on to become some of the most incredible headdresses I have ever laid eyes on. Beautiful, disturbing, stark and full of drama, they take the idea of a hat to a whole other level.

The cover of the March/April issue of Coco Eco Magazine

Accompanying makeup for the feature is intense and post-apocalyptic, while attendant dresses include Gary Harvey's recycled designs made from used copies of the Financial Times (above), abandoned t-shirts and more. Celeb photog Gitte Meldgaard shot the images exclusively for Coco Eco Magazine.

Stephen Jones explains his inspiration for the six chapeaus thusly: "These are all things I found around on the ranch [in Utah]. I literally just picked them up from nature and made them into hats."

Is this piece a comment on Manifest Destiny? Or just a contemplation of the American West?

While fashion is often criticized for being hard on the planet's resources (and rightly so), both Gary and Stephen share a passion for making it better through their various mediums. Harvey explains his frustration and reasoning behind making couture-quality dresses from what most would consider garbage. "There's years of life left in these garments but I was starting to get sick of this attitude of people that go to these fashion chains, spend fifty quid, and don't even wear half of it. What the f**** that about? There are people in the world that don't have any clothes!"

Barbed wire and a 'Danger' sign here compliment the full recycled denim skirt by Gary Harvey.

Coco Eco Magazine has been invited to exhibit the headdresses and artwork at BritWeek"s Pre-Gala VIP Reception, with special guest, Sir Richard Branson. A Map of Haiti hat which was made in response to the recent tragedy, will be presented as part of the Gala Auction to benefit Save the Children and Virgin Unite. This prestigious event will take place in Los Angeles on April 22nd, Earth Day's 40th Anniversary. At the same time, the Map of Utah hat will be going under the gavel at Christies' Green Auction in New York, where proceeds will benefit environmental organizations.

Hear more about the inspiration for The Stephen Jones Nature Project, and from the principals who made it happen.

See the full fashion spread and accompanying story in the newest issue of Coco Eco Magazine (free and online-only).