10/02/2013 05:52 pm ET Updated Dec 02, 2013

5 Lies That Kept Me From Changing My Life Purpose

Some years ago I began to question the meaning of my life. I was in a somewhat happy marriage and in a career I didn't particularly love, but I told myself I was living the dream and so surely, I must be happy. But with a quiet nagging feeling and half smile, I knew something was missing. I spent the next few years in a grueling soul search to find my truth. I discovered that the process I was most engaged in, spiritual learning and growth, actually was my calling. I grew in my connection to Spirit rather quickly and made it my life's work to heal and clear energetic blocks to people moving forward in their life. I just knew I found my reason for living. The more I did it, the more excitement I had for life. I had never experienced this feeling before--to not be drained by work.

Then a few months ago I got a little worried. I no longer felt super passionate about what I was doing and I couldn't make sense of it. I'm not going to lie, I became a little disillusioned. I sincerely asked Spirit to help me understand what was going on. Then, through various methods, Spirit revealed these lies I had told myself which were feeding inability to move forward:

Lie #1: There is one life purpose. This is the sister fallacy to the "there can only be one 'soulmate' out there." There is no ONE life path. We choose, we create, we live, we enjoy (or not), and then we create something new depending on whether the process was enjoyable (or not). It's simply a process of constant creation.

Lie #2: Once I find my life purpose, life will be easy. I made the mistake of looking at my life purpose as being the Holy Grail, the one answer that will end all suffering in my life, which up until then was boredom, frustration, and annoyances with my job. What really happens, more often than not, is that people find something that brings them true spiritual connection and meaning for a period of time and they feel relieved from boredom or frustration. Then, at some point after their soul has grown in ways it wanted to from that experience, the soul then seeks to create a new life purpose and simultaneously the feeling of boredom (or passion-less or emptiness) sets in. It doesn't mean the first path was any less valuable, it just means the soul gained what it wanted to and it was time to create a new experience for itself. What was once relevant and brought joy at 30 no longer brought me meaning and joy at 35.

Lie #3: My life's purpose must support me financially. My career and my life's purpose do not have to be one in the same -- what a revelation! They can be synonymous, but surely how a person finds meaning in life can be a completely separate process from how someone puts food on the table. Can I create a rewarding career out of the life meaning I found? Absolutely, but it is not a requirement and just adds unnecessary pressure to the whole life purpose-finding journey. When I took the financial support requirement off the table, I realized I actually had more options to choose from, like making reclaimed furniture simply for the sake of beauty, a unique hobby which was created out of my boredom.

Lie #4: My life's purpose is to be of service. If this were true everyone would be in a healing or charitable profession. I discovered that my life is about expressing my deepest passions and desires and being in that joy. Plain and simple. So that means I can rock my awesome self in whatever way, shape, or form I choose whether it's in the form of a healer, philanthropist, or race car driver. Again, this proved to me that taking all requirements I had imposed on myself, off the table was necessary. There are no rules.

Lie #5: My life's purpose comes from my biggest struggle. We all, in some ways, are butterflies coming out of the cocoon, but my life's purpose doesn't need to come from my greatest struggle. Life's meaning often comes simply from expressing our greatest passions. When I stopped looking at where I struggled in the past and started looking at where I felt the most internal joy, I found myself stumbling on all sorts of ideas about what to do next in my life. And, in this time, I reconnected with some of my greatest passions, like dancing and singing, which in turn, brought more positive energy toward just being authentically me and living my truth.

So I am about to embark on a revision of my life path. Now, it's more than just clearing blocks for clients -- it's about being a catalyst for purpose-driven action and guiding clients on their path to greatness.