03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Dining Out and Bloating?

If you pay close attention how your stomach feels after eating out, sometimes you will discover that you are more bloated than when you left the restaurant or even when you entered it. Your mirror confirms the bloat and it feels like you've gained weight. Dining out can be a fun experience for those who have a digestive system that processes food properly. Not for all of us.

My Mental Detox ™ program is designed not just to teach you which foods are the most beneficial for you and to lose weight, but as well help you to stay away from most common allergenic and intolerant foods.

Yet, what are you going to do if you've discovered foods that give you hives or stomach bloat and you need to change your diet?

Eating tree-nuts, fish, wheat, dairy and soy can cause serious distress to the GI tract and the immune system. This happened to Sloane Miller. What do you think she did? Complained about it? No, she made a business out of it. You must love Americans for doing this.

Allergic Girl, became her venture. Anything and everything she will teach you to overcome allergic reactions to food. I met her this weekend, and not once did she complain or mention that she could not have certain foods. Yet she ate her items and it was not a big deal for anyone else in the summerhouse. Some things even I learned from her.

One of the services she offers is to organize "Worry-Free Dinners" in correlation with famous chefs in New York City. Check out her site at

Yet, even if you don't deal with allergies these dinners might be a great solution for you to find restaurants that provide clean, organic, unprocessed food.

Read her blog and read about the restaurants to visit, to participate in dinners or hire her services to deal with food allergies.

Allergies here. And allergies there. Where allergies are Sloane must get there.

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