03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

How To Lift More Weight And Prevent Lower Back Injuries

The following question from Gail B. came in my mailbox. Gail writes:

The first time I gave birth did a number on my pelvic floor. Although my mom has the same thing, and actually my sister too. So maybe there's some genetic weakness tendency there. And anticipating a possible question from you - no, I have never worked hard and consistently with Kegel exercises to see how much it would help!

Kegels are a must in any kind of exercise program. For men and woman alike. The pelvic floor acts like the stirring wheel for your body. It gives you support and stability with any kind of movement you do.

One specific muscle weakness in a healthy individual is very rare. You can train muscles to make them stronger and to perform correctly. Yes, there are genetic differences between women and men, which need to be considered in an exercise program. Yet, genetically, singular muscle group weakness, such as the pelvic girdle is rare. Rather, weakness can be caused from inactivity.

To strengthen the pelvic girdle, perform the Kegel exercise by doing the following: remember what happens during urination. Relaxed muscles allow a free flow of fluid and when you contract the muscle you can feel how your pelvic girdle activates. No? Try it again. Start and stop and pay attention to what is happening as you do it. Those controlled muscle contractions are referred to as Kegels. You can do them anytime, even now while you are sitting and reading this.

This is just one part that is important. Your head, arms and legs need a stable working foundation that you accomplish by building up your core. When I refer to the core I refer to the transverses abdominis, your diaphragm, your back extensions [Multifidus] and your pelvic floor. Without proper core strength you are not working from a strong platform, to push more weight and to prevent yourself from injuries.

Research has shown that when you body functions correctly, 30 milliseconds before arm movements and 110 milliseconds before leg movements the core, your inner unite, turns on. If your body does not function correctly, find a highly educated personal trainer who can go through tests and evaluation and give you a program to recondition your recruitment patterns.

Stay focused.


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