06/27/2013 10:51 am ET

Stefanie Schneider on the ImageBlog

Jean D'Arc (from The Girl behind the white Picket Fnece), 2012/ 2013, 75x93cm, Edition of 5, C-Print mounted on aluminum, based on a Polaroid
part of the ongoing art-project 29 Palms, CA
actress: Heather Megan Christie as Heather

Heather calls the Lonely Hearts Radio Station: "I want to say one last thing to the caller...I'm sorry for your loss, whatever it is... but you know, your heart is not empty. It'll never be with all the stored memories in it. Memories of love. The pain... I know you wish it would go away, but the pain is there and needs to be filled. I'm not ready to give up on myself, my hopes, my dreams. Do you realize how short life is?"