05/15/2014 12:31 pm ET Updated Jul 15, 2014

21 #TravelGirlProblems

Just because we love traveling, doesn't mean it's always the perfect trip.
Remember friends, it's worth it! But honestly, tell me you've never experienced at least one of these?

1. Forgetting how to pronounce the name of your hotel or hostel because it's in another language.
Furthermore, having lost your friends that actually wrote it down in a notebook, or keep their itinerary on TripIt or TripCase.

2. Having a question, but no one speaks English ... and you totally didn't study Thai in college.
Translate Google (app) and TripLingo (app) would have been great, right now.

3. Public restrooms with no toilet seat covers.
Squat time! It's just another workout.

4. Non-western toilets.
Really? Not that kind of squat!

5. Sitting next to someone on a flight who lifts the arm rest because they need a seat and a half; so you only get a half of a seat, but paid for a full seat.
I would like a half-ticket refund.

6. Aisle seat and window seat persons speaking over you when you're trying to sleep.
Bonus problem when the friendly chatter tends to spit when speaking.

7. Just trying to sleep in the center seat in general.
The table could make for a nice desk rest?

8. Being a vegetarian, vegan, or allergic to anything on almost any continent other than North America and Australia.
I'm hungry.

9. Cobblestone and high heels.

10. Non-American Tampons
... Why?

11. Trying to pack as many outfits as possible for all of your travel pictures without passing the maximum weight allowance.
Just keep everything that's heavy in your carry on, just in case.

12. Knowing that you passed the maximum weight allowance and slyly trying to sneak an extra carry-on.

That "coat" might be 3 more outfits... wink wink.

13. The general limitation of not being able to pack everything you could potentially wear.
Now, I pack light. You should too. It takes discipline and it sucks. You can do it, I believe in you!

14. Getting to public transport only to realize it doesn't run at that time.
Sitting in traffic in your car doesn't sound so bad right now.

15. Lacking Data for Google Maps and Instagram; desperately trying to find a Starbucks with WiFi. They're everywhere right?
WiFi Finder ... is there a "Startbucks Finder" app? I bet there is.

16. Driving on the other side of the road.
Or refusing to drive because you're paranoid that you will.

17. Trying to be spontaneous, but it resulting in no available hotel or hostel rooms within your budget.
Couch surfing? Facebook posts for help? Hotel Tonight?

18. Getting lost.
If it happens in your own city, there's a 99.9 percent chance it's going to happen when signs are in another language. Bonus problem: getting lost on the way to the airport and missing your flight. Thank goodness for Skyscanner!

19. Knowing how much to tip.
Triplingo is good for this. Also, please tip in cash if you can.

20. Figuring out how much that international monopoly money is really worth.
XE Currency is great for this. Bonus problem, knowing how much something costs, buying it anyways, and stuffing it into that carryon.

21. Having "tourist" tattooed across your forehead as an open invitation to getting hit on whether you're by yourself, with your girlfriends, parents, or a boyfriend!
Someone did offer my dad 5,000 camels in exchange for my hand in Morocco. I'm sure they were joking.

If you want to prevent some of these situations, you should probably read "The Ultimate Guide to Travel Apps and Websites" and "21 Tricks to Staying Safe Abroad."

Obviously, not every female experiences the same problems while traveling. These are some of my own experiences that some females (and some males) might relate to.

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