09/19/2014 01:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Quick Tips on How to Be a Great Groomsman


So, you've agreed to be a groomsman, eh? Well chances are, unless you've been part of a wedding many times before (think 27 Dresses, groomsmen edition) you probably have NO idea what you're supposed to do. Between giving a toast, organizing a bachelor party and sending in your tux measurements, groomsmen have just as hard a job as the bridesmaids do.

Don't be intimated, though! We know that if you've agreed to be a groomsman, that means you want to do a great job and make your buddy's journey to the wedding day memorable and fun. That's why we've compiled some tips for the modern groomsman that'll help you make the big day as amazing as possible for your friends. Even if you feel like you've got this groomsman thing under control, we guarantee there's something on this list that will be helpful for anyone who's about to help a friend or family member take the plunge.

1. Do offer to help the bride and groom

It's a simple gesture, but it can go so far! The bride and groom will appreciate your support and willingness to be involved in the planning. Chances are, they probably won't call you up for every little chore, so don't worry about being roped into endless tasks. However, you should be willing to say "yes" when the couple asks for a hand!

2. Don't make snarky comments about getting married

Quips that infer that the groom's life is now "over" because he's getting married isn't helpful to the groom (and the bride!) on top of all the wedding stress. Even if you're not ready to tie the knot (or if you're unhappily married), try to be supportive rather than negative about their upcoming marriage.

3. Don't procrastinate

This rule should really apply to every single duty you have as a groomsman. Need to send in your measurements to the tux rental place? Don't wait until the last minute (trust us -- getting measured takes longer than you think). Know you'll have to give a toast during the wedding celebrations? You'll feel pretty crappy if your speech is something sloppy you whipped together an hour before.

If you don't know what's on your groomsman to-do list, ask the groom or bride so you don't disappoint as the wedding day approaches.

4. Do help plan the bachelor party

While the best man is responsible for this, don't assume that he's able to handle it all by himself. Planning a bachelor party is a large task, and since you'll be partaking in (and helping to pay for) the festivities, you have an obligation to lend a hand.

If you are helping with bachelor party planning, take into account the interests of the groom. If he says that he'd rather go rafting than party in Vegas, respect his wishes (even if that's not something you would choose). If his wishes are a little more costly than you and the other groomsmen can afford, it's okay to ask him to chip in.

5. Do check yo' self

Sure, a wedding is basically a huge awesome party where you dress up, have fun with your friends, and partake in the open bar. However, if you're the groomsman, that means you're sharing a certain amount of spotlight with the bride and groom. Everyone at the wedding knows who you are. You should absolutely have fun, dance the night away, and maybe even find someone cute to flirt with... but you should definitely check yo' self before you getting too crazy. If you're that guy who hits on the bride's mom or barfs on a bridesmaid's dress, everyone is going to remember.

So there you are! You feel way more confident about being the best groomsman ever (or handing this off to your groomsmen), right? Well, hopefully. Groomsmen: what other tips would you add?

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